Copyrights are vital to the protection of your creative efforts, whether they are in the form of a photograph, sculpted work, recording, drawing, rendering, or any other medium. At the law firm of Gallant & Ervin, L.L.C., we’ll help you protect your valuable copyrights.

Our lawyers can:

  • Assist artists, entertainers, authors, developers, musicians and others in obtaining copyright registration of songs, photos, recordings, manuscripts, books, software and other intellectual property that has been reduced to a fixed form
  • Assist you in licensing your copyrights to other people
  • Offer opinions about copyright use
  • Defend copyrights from infringement and bringing enforcement actions in federal courts across the United States

Aggressive Copyright Protection, Serving Clients Nationwide

As in our trademark practice, our lawyers have utilized ex parte motions to conduct raids of manufacturers, distributors and retail stores suspected of copyright infringement. Our attorneys personally arrange and handle all aspects of the litigation, including attending the effectuation of the raids. Our goal is to stop copyright infringement before unauthorized copies of the work are able to be disseminated to the public. Much of our copyright litigation work comes to us by way of referral. For many clients, we have successfully changed copyright litigation from a costly financial drain into a profit center.